Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics Division

Seeking "Beauty, Health and Pleasure," all the way from hair care to skin care We supply materials for cosmetics of cleanliness and healthy moisture, pharmaceutical materials for drug delivery systems, and materials for healthy food.

DIAPON® Series

These detergents can foam powerfully in a wide range of pH from weak acid to alkaline. They keep your clothes tender to your skin.



This is used as a booster to increase lather of shampoo and facial cleanser, and is less stimulative against skin as well.



The product accelerates coacervation and helps to increase smoothness in washing.



This material embodies the new concept of an “aqueous” oily moisturizing material and finds a wide range of applications to pharmaceuticals, aqueous to oily.



It is a biocompatible polymer, high moisture-retaining property, resistant to washing with water, and effective in protecting skin and hair from getting rough and dry.



It is a polymer designed by copying the ceramide structure. It forms a network that tenderly wraps the skin to recover its richness in flexibility and elasticity.



Nano gel formed in water has an effect to give smoothness to wet hair. Even after the hair dried, it improves smoothness of the hair, keeping moist adequately.



Hydrogenated polyisobutene manufactured by fully utilizing advanced formation and deodorizing techniques is an oily cosmetics material extensively used over many years not only in Japan but also in many other countries of the world.


SUNBRIGHT®,COATSOME®,Palysorbate 80(HX2)

Introduced here are our PEG modifiers (SUNBRIGHT® series) best suited to adjustment of pharmaceuticals, proteins, and other bioactive substances, high-purity phospholipids (COATSOME® Series) suitable for prescription of Liposome and Palysorbate 80 (HX2).

Detergents for Dry cleaning and Laundry

We have a full assortment of products for professional cleaning or washing of clothes, which embody our technology for bending of surfactants and other materials developed over a long span of time.


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