Functional Materials Division No. 2

Along with sales activities as a trader of materials used mainly for lubricants, metalworking fluids, and related items, we are also active as a manufacturer making and selling unique functional products.


Metalworking fluids, METALEX®:

They provide exact answers to many of your problems regarding chemical products.

Fluorosurfactant (SURFLON®)

Fluorosurfactant (SURFLON®) is a surfactant having a perfluoroalkyl group intended to meet official regulation of PFOA. It can achieve a low surface tension with a smaller amount of addition than hydrocarbon-based or silicone surfactant.



Each series of UNISTER® (fatty acid ester) is provided with diverse ester structures by specific types of material alcohol or of material fatty acid
Main uses: Engine oil, metalworking fluid, grease, gear oil, and hydraulic fluid


Castor oil and its derivatives
(refined castor oil, castor oil fatty acid, sebacic acid, etc.)

Castor oil excels in stability, color keeping property, lubricating performance, low-temperature characteristics, and electrical characteristics
Main uses: Lubricant, caulking compound, printing ink, stationeries, and electrical insulator


Rapeseed or refined soybean oil, lecithin, and lard

Main uses: Oiliness agent for metalworking fluid and various other lubricants


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