[Polymerizing, hardening and cross-linking agents] These products serve to improve production efficiency, reduce residual monomers and lessen solvents by providing highly solid type. 。
[Resin modifiers and additives] These products are available in a broad range with different features such as resistance to oil or scratches, sliding ease, water or oil repulsion, smoothing or stabilizing effect, antistatic capability or inorganic dispersion.

Polymerizing, hardening and cross-linking agents


PERMEK® is a typical unsaturated polyester resin, made by diluting methyl ethyl ketone peroxide with a plasticizer. It is available in a variety of grades differing in hardening velocity and purposes.

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Hardening by heating

PERCURE® HO (N) is particularly suitable for use in casting artificial marble or low-temperature SMC as a hardening agent for medium-temperature molding of unsaturated polyester resin. PERCURE® HI, a hardening agent for high-temperature molding, can achieve securing of pot life and molding time saving at the same time. Various hardeners for use at different molding temperatures are available.

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Rubber cross linking

PERCUMYL® D and PERCUMYL® D-40 are extensively used as rubber cross-linking agents for EPDM among others. PERHEXA® C is faster in cross-linking than PERCUMYL® D, and can achieve cross-linking at low temperature in a short period of time. We can supply various other cross-linking agents fit for different working environments and conditions.

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Resin modifiers and additives

MODIPER®S series

These products are very useful as low constrictive additives for unsaturated polyester resin. They are especially effective as low constrictive additives for SMC-BMC, pultrusion, normal-temperature moldings including hand lay-up and spraying-up, and for resin concretes or the like. They are also useful as compatibilizers for PS and SBS low constrictive additives with UP resin.

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BLEMMER® series

These products are esters of methacrylic acid or acrylic acid with various alcohols, and used in a broad range of applications including modifiers for various polymers, resins, fibers and rubber.

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