Contract manufacturing

The Yamato Plant started operation in 1969 and manufactures unique industrial chemicals indispensable for production from surfactants as main materials.
Furthermore, as an ISO 9001-authorized factory, it is making emphatic efforts to maintain steady operation and improve product quality while keeping the workplace safe and secure.

1.Safety Management

“Don’t get injured, don’t let anybody get injured.”
5S activities    Clean Friday campaign

Monthly workplace patrols; voluntary activities of Safety Conference
Setting and attainment of yearly total quality targets

Disaster prevention activities  Participation in municipal firefighting skill meetings       


第1工場 第2工場 危険物倉庫 危険物倉庫

Plant 1

Plant 2 Hazardous Matter Warehouse Hazardous Matter Warehouse


2.Quality Control

We offer product quality satisfying the requirements of ISO 9001.
We place our manufacturing process under thorough control all the way from raw materials procurement to shipping the products out.
We and other member companies of our group have an analyzing system to ensure and enhance product quality and process control.

3.Outline of Physical Facilities

Boiler equipment

Capacity Material Pressure Temperature

500 to 600 L

1,500 L
3,000 L
SUS 304 Normal pressure
to Class 1 pressure vessels 
Normal temperature
to 230℃


4.Flow from Request to Realization

Flow from Request to Realization

5.Items Handled

Raw materials

Various surfactant chemicals
Organic solvents (Class 4 under Fire Service Law)
Inorganic filler chemicals (extenders, etc.)

Manufactured items

Chemicals for use in paper making process
Cleansers for industrial use
Metal working oily chemicals and rust preventive agents
Surfactant blends
Fatty acid ester items
Items produced under commission