Energy-related products

These products contribute to facilitating the introduction of clean energy, such as photovoltaic power generation, and to the promotion of energy saving.

Cross-linking agents for solar battery sealing materials: PERBUTYL® E/ PERHEXA®25B

Photovoltaic power generation is in expanding use. Solar battery modules are made by combining diverse members. For use in EVA sealants, one of vital members, we are providing a variety of proven cross-linking agents.

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Cleansing agents for printing ink/Metalex® CL-001/Metalex® RA-30

Metalex® CL-001 realizes a very high level of cleansing force, particularly effective against fouling with water-soluble ink. Metalex® RA-30 is water-soluble, effective in removing oily ink or UV ink smears and assured of a very high level of safety.

(Both products are not subjected by Industrial Safety and Health Law, the PRTR law, etc.)

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Defibration promoting agent Biorex® R

This chemical accelerates defibration of highly water-resistant used paper, broken paper and the like. It also serves to shorten the time taken by defibration and the electrical power load of defibration, and thereby contributes to energy saving.

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Burps of cattle contain much methane (CH4), and are alleged to be partly blamable for global warming. This BYPASS MATE L, consisting of unsaturated fatty acid calcium salt, is proven by experiment to restrain methane production when it enters the rumen of cattle.

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