Functional Materials Division No. 1

This division supplies many different types of materials, for mainly synthetic resin and synthetic rubber areas. In cooperation with the NOF Group and both domestic and international networks, we offer goods and services tailored to the needs of individual customers, ranging from organic and inorganic basic chemicals to high value-added products.

Functional additives

Lubricants and stabilizers (for vinyl chloride, various olefins, and synthetic rubber)
Antistatic, defogging, and dispersants (for vinyl chloride, various olefins and synthetic rubber)
Antioxidant and ultraviolet (UV) stabilizers (for vinyl chloride, various olefins and synthetic rubber)
Solvents, plasticizers, and heating media (for vinyl chloride, various olefins, and synthetic rubber)
Dyes and pigments (for general-purpose resins and engineering plastics)


Functional polymers

Highly oil-resistant thermoplastic elastomers (for automotives, electric and electronic parts, equipment, and construction materials)
Highly functional and scratch resistant improvers (for improving scratch-resistance of TPE, PP, etc.)
Highly functional resin modifiers (modifiers, and compatibilizers for polymer alloys)
Low-shrink additives for highly functional and unsaturated polyester resins (low-shrink additives for SMC BMC, pultrusion, hand lay-up, spray-up, etc.)
Modifiers for highly-functional coating (for improving water or oil repellency, lubrication and sliding smoothness)
Polymer type modifiers for synthetic resins


Organic peroxides

Polymerization initiators for vinyl chloride, acryl, and vinyl acetate
Crosslinking agents for solar battery EVA, various polyolefins, and synthetic rubber
Curing agents for unsaturated polyester resins, vinyl ester resins, and low VOC.
Resin modifiers: Fluidity improvers for polypropylene and agents for grafting maleic anhydrides with olefin


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