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Liquid paraffin (Import product)

Liquid paraffin is uncolored, transparent and very stable. Customers use if for many different purposes, as an additive to cosmetics or food packing for instance.

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Sodium percarbonate (Import product)

It is used as an oxygen bleach in many different areas of application from household to professional laundries. As it is slightly alkaline and easy to handle and, unlike chlorine bleach, generates no toxic gas, you can use safely.

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Raw materials for concrete admixture (Export product)

We handle water reducing agents and defoaming agents among others as raw materials for concrete admixture. These materials exported mainly to other countries of Asia are used with concrete for high-rise buildings and bridges, which require concrete to manifest particularly high performance features.

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Automobile-related materials (Export product)

We handle anti-fog agents for the inside of headlamp lenses and elastomers for molding use. These products are exported to automobile component manufacturers requiring Japanese quality standards mainly in Asia and North America.

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Raw materials for cosmetics (Export product)

We export raw materials for cosmetic based on the experience and knowledge built up in Japan to mainly Asia and to the rest of the world. They include diverse items, ranging from surfactants to thickeners, moisturizers, and whitening agents.

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