Agromedic Division

"Four-S" Our Business Motto: - Specialty: Providing our clients with special chemicals they individually demand - Solution: Embodying our in-depth study of problems that arise in clients' business areas - Site-oriented business: Keeping our eyes on the work site scene in working out solutions to problems - Speediness: Responding quickly to any demand of our clients. We are sure that our proposals, products, and technical supports will satisfy individual requirements of clients.

Agromedic Business Department

We meet diverse needs of customers, from long-chain fatty acid calcium to medium-chain fatty acids, and linseed oil fatty acid calcium.


This is the fatty acid calcium that contains much linoleic acid based on soybean and rape oil, which is produced by our own method.

The linoleic acid is the precursor of prostaglandin F2α, which is deeply related to the sexual excitement.

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This is the fatty acid calcium made from effectively mixed medium-chain fatty acid by our own technique.
This is a rapid energy source for cattle, swine, and chickens.

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This is a mixture of natural vitamins source based on medium-chain fatty acid triglyceride (MCT) with a palm concentrate. For cows, 30-ml bottle, the right size for full consumption of the content at one time, is adopted. For pigs, the trigger type is adopted that can be readily given to infantile swine immediately after birth. Please use both types as rapid energy source for suckling period in which energy shortage is frequently caused.

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