Conditions of Use

Applicable Range

At the website of the Company (hereinafter referred to as “the Website), we provide you with contents (including our products and services) under the following conditions. Therefore, when you use the Website, you are deemed to have consented to all of the following conditions.

We and our affiliates are, unless otherwise provided, proprietors of all the contents published on the Website (hereinafter referred to as “the Contents”), and have the right to publish them.

You are free to look at the Contents (including images, aural contents and written sentences), but you are forbidden without prior consent in writing from using (duplicating, distributing, modifying, making public, reusing, transferring or using otherwise) them. As your use of the Contents without such consent from us may violate the Copyright Act or the Trademark Act, infringe on our portrait right or violate our privacy, please take caution. However, you may download only part of the Contents for your personal, non-profit and in-family use. Even in such a case, we do not warrant immunity of your partial use of the Contents from infringement on third parties’ rights.

Use of Trademarks, etc.

Product names or service marks published on the Website are registered trademarks or trademarks either owned by us or published with consent from their respective right-holders. The use of such registered trademarks or trademarks is forbidden without our or the respective right-holders’ prior consent or unless the use is expressly authorized under the conditions of use stated herein.

Warrant on Contents

Regarding the Contents including predictive information, we are making every effort to ensure their accuracy and up-to-dateness, but we warrant in no way their perfection, and shall hold ourselves immune from responsibility for any error or failure to publish any matter in the Contents. In particular, predictive information may prove substantially different from the eventual reality on account of various factors.

Furthermore, the Contents are presented with no warranty, whether explicit or implicit, regarding appropriateness to any specific purpose, commercial performance, non-violation and other aspects.


Your use and viewing of the Website are done at your own risk (in your own responsibility), and we shall be immune from responsibility for any damage arising from your access to or use of our Website or the Contents (including damages, whether direct or indirect, occurring on your computer or network system), the cost of recovery from such damages and like expenditure.

Abstention from Soliciting for Deals in Securities

The Website is intended neither for soliciting purchases nor proposing sales of securities including shares and debentures issued by the Company. The Contents have not been prepared for the purpose of giving investment advice regarding our or any other company’s securities.

On Linked Sites

(1) Links to Other Websites
The Website includes links to other websites, but these links are made available only for the convenience of their possible users. We do not hold ourselves responsible for any element of the contents of these other websites.

(2) Linking to the Website
You are in principle free to establish a link to the Website, and when you wish to do so, please address your linking attempt to the top page ( However, the address and contents of the Website may be changed without notice. If you wish to have a link to anywhere else than the top page, please inquire of our contact site stated at the end of this page. If the contents of the website from which you are to establish a link or the character of the link itself involve a fear of adversely affecting our business or trustworthiness (e.g. if anything against public order and morality or personal defamation is involved), we may refuse the linking itself. If we request cancellation of a link for whatever reason, please give up the link. To add, we shall be indemnified for any consequence from the website which is the origin of the link.

Supply of Confidential Information from Customers

We do not desire to receive any confidential information (on ideas, inventions, etc.) through the Website from customers. Please understand in advance that we have no obligation to keep the confidentiality of any information we may receive from customers through the Website. However, personal information you may disclose shall be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy to be made known to you separately from this document.

Territories where Products and Services are Available

The products and services made known to you on the Website are not available in all countries or regions. If you wish to use any of the products and services made known to you on the Website, please inquire of the contact site responsible for the particular item or items.

Governing Law

The laws and regulations of Japan shall apply to all matters regarding your use of the Website.

Please address your question on any of the contents of this page to the following contact site.

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