Resources and Environment-Related Business

This sector offers products and services for effective use of limited recoverable resources while staying in harmony with the global environment.

NOFALLOY®TZ330 and TZ660 Series

NOFALLOY®TZ series has two sub-series, of which one is NOFALLOY® TZ330 mainly composed of acryl rubber, polypropylene, and the other, NOFALLOY® TZ660 mainly composed of acryl rubber and polyester. Both are thermoplastic elastomers excelling in resistance to oil and to heat.

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Spanol® series, papermaking external-use improvers for workability

By spraying a wire, roll, felt or a like item with this chemical, the sprayed item is made more durable as a result of being made more squeezable and better protected from wear in addition to the solution of problems invited by used paper, such as sticky foreign matter or inorganic fouling.

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Paper softener

By adding this chemical to the paper material or spraying the tissue paper or toilet paper with it, the paper product is given a moist, soft and pliant feel.

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Each series of UNISTER® (fatty acid ester) comprises a lineup of esters differentiated in structure by the choice of the type of raw material, such as alcohol or fatty acid.

Main applications: Engine oil, metal working oil, grease, gear oil, hydraulic oil

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Refined castor oil or specific castor oil-derived condensed fatty acids

Castor oil and its derivatives (refined castor oil, castor oil fatty acid, sebacic acid, etc.). Castor oil is excellent in stability, color retention, lubricating performance, low-temperature characteristics and electric characteristics.
Main applications: Lubricant, caulking agent, printing ink, stationery, electrical insulator.

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Soybean oil, rape oil, lecithin

Refined rape or soybean oil, lecithin, lard
Main applications: Oiliness improver for metal working oil and various other lubricating oils

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Reprocessed resin-related chemicals

Collected resins are utilized as recycled plastic material after going through sorting, crushing and melting. We supply various chemicals for use in this recycling process, including melt adjusters, anti-oxidants, ultraviolet absorbers and coloring agents. Please feel free to consult us.

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