Paper Chemicals Business Department

Our products are based on traditional chemical technology, further advanced by applying our own surfactant technology. We supply products that can contribute to stabilization of your papermaking operations from your standpoint all the way from pulp preparation to paper making as such and processing, together with our technical service. We assign a group of R&D experts to engage in analysis and product development tailored to your needs.

Pitch controlling additives for external use: Millspray® Series and Spanol® Series

A selected one of these agents is sprayed onto wires, felt and rolls used in the papermaking process to substantially alleviate the problems of pitch or other sticky deposits (patented technique). The contribution of this solution to enhancing the workability of machines is highly appreciated, and extensively used in various types of papermaking factories.


Pitch controlling additives for internal use: DETAC® Series

Adding one of these agents to the paper material makes the surface of pitch or other sticky deposit unsticky and disperses it stably (patented). They are best suited to solving used paper-deriving deposit problems. As the main ingredient is non-ionic, they affect no other papermaking chemical.


Cleaning agents: Biorex® Series

They are alkaline, neutral or acid cleaning agents adapted to various smears or cleaning conditions in the papermaking process, such as internal circulatory cleaning, foam cleaning, drier canvass cleaning, and felt cleaning (continuous or intermittent). Specialized foam washing machines are also available.


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